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Session with the Mistress



Have you dreamed about a beautiful, intelligent young woman commanding you to obey? Make you serve her, please her with your darkest desires. Well, you need not look further.

I am Dominica de Sin, a London based Dominatrix.My family heritage has a long line of school teachers, therefore, I am the perfect Mistress to punish naughty boys like you, but I also know the perfect timing to reward. From early on in my life I have always been interested in the world of BDSM, later on, I became a practitioner. My one-year formal traning began, in London with a very well known Dominatrix.I enjoy most aspects of BDSM and I am passionate about exploring all different desires.

I’m a seductive brown eyed mistress who takes pleasure in you kneeling before me, with mercy. I will captivate you with my beauty and natural dominance and you will be mesmerised by my beautiful curves and face whilst you are on your knees in my presence.Do not misunderstand my beauty it comes with a mean and merciless personality. I will tease you, humiliate you, torture you at will.

Those of you who are not experienced, I am happy to guide you and help to find the most suitable session, for you to be comfortable. However, for those of you, who has more experience, I can be strict and demanding and I expect 100% of my slaves.


Below is an overview of the types of sessions I enjoy on a regular basis. If you have an interest that is not listed, feel free to contact me. Sessions are priced based on content and can be discussed via email.


Fetishes I am interested in:


Anal, and strap-on play

 Cross Dressing (TV slut training, full feminization, etc)

Rubber Fetish &Leather  (bodybags, straight jackets, straps, etc)     

Torture  (CBT, NT….)                   


 Toilet training

Tie and Tease

Foot fetish

Corporal punishment





Roleplays: Auntie/Nephew, Headgirl, Bitch boss, Head Mistress, Mean Wife, Personal trainer etc



Stockings and heels worship



Do you have a foot shoe and stocking fetish? Because if you do I have a real treat for you. I have been shopping today wearing my fully fashioned black seamed stockings, I am just arriving home right now and ready for you to call. As you arrive, you are just in time to watch me sit on my sofa crossing my stunning legs, as my skirt rides up to reveal my beautiful thighs, you’re mesmerised by the sight of my stocking tops. You just can’t take your eyes off.

As you stare lustfully. You’re desperate to get close enough to my sexy legs and my fabulous Jimmy Choo shoes, Oh dear!! Your heavy breathing is giving it all away. Come over here and kneel before me! Umm!! Where should I let you start? I may order you to suck on the stiletto of my elegant shoe or lick the dirt from the soles for a while before allowing you to take my shoe off.

 I might insist you lick every square inch of nylon on my fabulous legs before we get down to the real business. Ok!! It is time! I can see you’re distracted by the smell from my stockings. As you take off my shoe the mixture of sweat, and leather, makes you anxious.

 Once I let you massage and rub my sexy feet? I guarantee it won’t be long before you’re begging to smell and taste my beautiful soft feet. Just imagine my feet in hot stockings, pressed up against your face, teasing you slowly, getting you to the point where you are begging me to take off my stockings and put my beautiful feet in your mouth.


Anal, and strap-on play



Anal penetration and strap-on play are without a doubt an immense turn on for me, and I have a vast assortment of anal toys and accessories to cater for your innermost imaginative scenarios. I deeply genially enjoy Anal Play yet I fully respect your limits. I always feel a high sense of sexual power when I strap on my cock, and even more so, once I have penetrated a slave ass, again and again!

You can choose the level of intensity you desire. Perhaps you would prefer external teasing and stimulation or prostate milking. Those more seasoned anal enthusiasts may enjoy the intense experience of anal fisting, or perhaps you are working toward this pleasurable goal. Fisting is the most personally involved sexual activity for me, the power I derive from this allows me to push your boundaries to the limit.

If you are an accomplished player or a curious beginner whom would like to explore this unique pleasure obtained from anal play get in touch, nothing would give me more pleasure than to be the first to penetrate your virgin asshole…you will love it. I guarantee!


Dirty feet and barefoot licking

Let me guess! You just can’t take your eyes off the pretty girls, and their shapely legs you are obsessed with their short skirts, and powerful thighs encased in rich nylon pantyhose or stockings. You can’t get away from it!  You see them in the office on the street.It’s everywhere! And you want it! You’re desperate for it! The urge is so great inside you, to touch them, smell them, and lick them! It’s on every street corner of London, and it’s driving you crazy as these sexy girls are everywhere!! 

Would you like to lick my dirty feet?   I will have to give you what you want to satisfy your need, my feet are really dirty from walking around barefoot through the mud, and dirt today.


I play badminton every morning in my bare feet! Would you love to lick and worship my dirty feet? You would do anything to lick and kiss my female foot, wouldn’t you? No matter if my feet are really dirty or filthy? No matter if my soles are muddy or not? Ok, come and lick my filthy, dirty, and very smelly feet come and smell them, you can savour every little drop of my sexy hot feet close up and personal.


+44 (0) 7572707373




If you’re a seasoned player, and into the caning scene you will already know the mental preparation needed to make an appointment for a caning session can be daunting… 

It’s that scary, but, exciting feeling you get in your tummy when you know you’re going to be caned in a couple of hours from now. And especially the feeling will be heightened knowing the caning is going to be administered by, a strict and beautiful woman such as myself,  who is capable of carrying out your punishment with hard, and accurate strokes, showing no pity or remorse! 

I am quite aware of the benefits a hard judicial caning can offer; I really do like to cane severely, however, I must stress at this point I do make allowances for beginners limitations.

I offer to stimulate, and erotic caning scenarios, where I will increase pain tolerance prelude to a hard caning, by starting with a hard hand spanking over my knee, followed by a flogging or paddling before the actual caning commences.

I love the cane it’s my favourite punishment tool, and it demands complete respect in every way. I am clever with the use of the cane, I cane hard and accurate, as you will no doubt find out when you come to visit me. You will cherish every single stroke I give you as your whole body craves for more.





I was brought up in a family where domestic punishment was a way of life, So, I know first-hand the therapeutic values a hard spanking or caning can have on you.Hands up all you men out there who have craved, and longed for a hard spanking over a beautiful, and powerful woman’s intimidating lap, with her legs encased in rich fashionable nylon.

If you like being spanked over a woman’s knee, I am the lady for you.I am very much aware of the erotic benefits that a good hard spanking can achieve!  Spanking is an art form in itself and requires skill, practice, patience, and power. And I am a master at it!

Receiving a spanking over the knee, from a beautiful woman such as me, induces chemical changes in the brain rushing from nerve centres to release endorphins into the body. The feeling of lying face down on my lap I guarantee will be a fantastic and exhilarating experience for you! 

As you lay across my intimidating nylon clad thighs having your naughty bottom spanked, you will be overwhelmed by the intoxicating odour of leather heels, fully fashioned black seamed stockings. How will you handle this moment you have craved for such a long time, as your head starts to swim with the aroma as my Shanghai Lily perfume fills your nostrils, with lust and desire, as your head trails the floor you incessantly glare in shameless admiration at my sexy high heels and strong powerful legs.

 The hem of my skirt falls away from the seat of the chair to reveal my black stocking tops, as I spank your naughty bottom harder, and harder!  You’re so excited by the site of my eye candy your bottom rises up to meet its impending tormentor as I pound your bare ass without mercy, with my powerful right hand. Umm!!

+44 (0) 7572707373



Genital/ Cock and ball Torture/Electrics


The organ of the male body apart from its basic use is designed for intensely pleasurable sensation and there are boundless limits of the pleasure/pain boundary to be explored in its surrounding area. But arguably and more importantly is the psychological aspect: for many men, cocks are the core of sexuality and an icon of sexual power and when a woman or object or fetish of his desire abuses his precious member the mind-blowing psychological charge can be huge.


Nipple torture,


Male nipples can be carnal command centres; they have the same nerve-packed pleasure receptors that a woman’s nipples do, all men are different, when it comes to nipple play. I want to experiment with various light bondage torture, mind games, manual and electric toys and clamps etc when it comes to tie, and tease with mild or extreme nipple stimulation I am a dedicated mistress. If you are super sensitive to touch I will make sure we start out gently, and then gauge how much pressure to apply to derive the maximum pleasurable experience for you.

 In my experience, a dominated man is often an extremely successful businessman with many pressures and responsibilities in his day to day life. He wants to leave the pressures of his life for just a short while and have someone else take control. I’m that woman!





Are you the submissive person who becomes aroused by the thought of having a dominant woman walk over your venerable body? You will be arousal from a combination of pain and element of humiliation.  as I walk on you with my size 7 feet, as you lie on your back or stomach. I might jump or stomp on your back, stomach, chest, balls, face, or whatever I please. In my sexy heels or I may be wearing only socks, nylons. or if you are very lucky barefoot!





Would you like me to own your cock where I have total control over your manhood? I, and, I alone decide when you can indulge in orgasmic relief.  It’s not as easy as just locking you in a chastity device and that’s it. Oh no. it’s so much more than that. I make sure that you are placed into situations that will make you desperate to relief yourself! But you can’t! You have to have my approval. And I am the key holder of your sexual pleasure.

You will beg, me to allow you to cum, and you will not be allowed to. Your orgasm will belong to me. You will be teased and never released for the duration of our meeting or agreed period which may be as long as a week. How long will you resist?

 Show me how strong you are. Don’t you dare cum in your device without my permission!


Ball Busting


 Ballbusting is one of my favourite things I just love causing excruciating pain to your manhood I derive so much pleasure from wearing my favourite heels or boots restraining you to my ceiling rope, leaving you exposed, defenceless, and vulnerable as I destroy your worthless balls with my sexy size 7 heels.

Maybe you’re brave enough to face me with your hands by your side. Can you imagine the power I feel when I can so easily have you drop to the floor in great agony with just one lick from my sexy boot? I also find it amusing to see you squirming and groaning while holding your ball sack from such a minor blow.

Or would you like me to bend you over and stand behind you so you can never see the blow coming?  You may become erect at the very thought of me having the power to destroy your testicles. My fascination in ball busting is my interest in the weakness in the male manhood, and I like to experience the feeling of power I have over you to smash your balls to a pulp!



Sissy training.

For sissy play, I have a cosy little candlelit ‘Boudoir’ setting where you can enjoy a facial, makeover, and enjoy a sissy transformation. Mistress Dominica is very dominant and strict when it comes to sissy training, and I go to great lengths in sissy training girls, to be the best sissy sluts they can possibly be. I have a sensible and realistic approach to a basic sissy training and behaviour modification program, which includes, worship & submission, punishment & discipline, servitude assignments beauty secrets, and domestic duties. I have the perfect place where you can relax and become the female you have always wanted to be. So pay me a visit, and I will make the perfect Sissy slut out of you.





 Make absolutely sure, you are well presented and have a good standard of personal hygiene. 





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